Tire mould segments manufacturing by SLM®-Technology Fast, accurate and inexpensive tire mould production

SLM Solutions, headquartered in Luebeck, Germany, is a leading provider of metal-based additive manufacturing technology, also commonly referred to as „3D printing“. SLM Solutions is proud to “drive & lead” the tire world in a new generation, by using the SLM® technology for tire moulds.

The Selective Laser Melting technology (SLM®) enables the production of new tire tread mould segments in shorter time, less expensive and using three-dimensional geometries for prototype and mass production tools.

Due to the layer by layer process using fine metal powder which is melted with a 400 W or 1000 W laser or with our multi laser technology up to 4x 400 W in the SLM®500HL, the SLM® technology allow tire makers to create new, more intricate tread designs with fine small gaps or even three-dimensional and internal undercut structure design for the next generation of tire profiles. With the quad laser technology 4x 400 W in combination with our patented bi-directional recoating system, SLM Solutions increases the build-up rate up to 90% compared with the twin configuration (2x 400 W).

Tire manufacturers are turning to the SLM®280HL or SLM®500HL machine series to balance improved traction on wet surfaces versus stability on dry surfaces with optimized slits on a tire tread, known as tire blades

The SLM Solutions SLM®125HL, SLM®280HL and SLM®500HL series can print different metals, such alumimium alloy, cobalt-chrome, super alloys, titanium as well tool and stainless steel in a much complex details and designs than their traditional methods.

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