In November 2006, students founded at the Helmut-Schmidt-University / University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg, the "Eleven-O-Six Racing Team“. After an intensive design and planning phase, the first racing car RUSH08 could be presented to the public in 2008.

The Formula Student race series was launched specifically for students. Universities from around the world test their skills in the field of engineering sciences but also marketing and finance. So it‘s not just about building the best race car, but also to market these objects in a fictitious way and achieve a correspondingly high profit, which is underpinned with „business plan“ and „Cost Reports“.

The team ist not only by professors, but also by a variety of sponsors and organizations from the business. Through the support of the SLM Solutions there are manufactured specific components with the SLM® process. Because of undercuts, radii or hollow chambers, these components can´t be manufactured by conventional methods. By the SLM® process, the calipers and wheel were optimized. The caliper needs only a connection to the brake circuit, resulting in better distribution of brake pressure being built on the four existing brake piston. Furthermore, the venting of the circuit is greatly facilitated by the special shape.

The wheel carrier is due to cavities very easily. It was estimated only in the field of material forces to give very short and direct force paths. In addition, the wheel was designed so that the initiation of the steering forces makes no additional screws necessary.

SLM Solutions thus contributes significantly to the success of our projects.